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Colin and you can Felix is anthropomorphic twin egg that are very intelligent and you will studious

Colin and you can Felix is anthropomorphic twin egg that are very intelligent and you will studious

Having been spoiled his very existence, Billy try mind-entitled; their care about-entitlement performs in their sex-life, once the their unrequited ideas to possess Anais factors him in order to lash out

  • Colin and you can Felix

If not doing work in its training, they may be seen speaking as a result of individuals who they deem less intelligent than just them, hence merely helps you to make certain they are a few of the a great deal more hated students throughout the university.

Having been spoiled their life time, Billy is actually care about-entitled; his mind-entitlement plays call at their sexual life, as the their unrequited feelings having Anais factors your so you can lash aside

  • Clayton

Clayton try a full time income blob away from red-clay. He could be a good pathological liar, will advising grandiose stories regarding his very own not enough thinking-rely on plus the need to easily fit in. Their lies, whenever you are wanting to simplicity tension, more often than not seem to make it a lot bad in the end.

Being rotten his very existence, Billy is mind-entitled; his self-entitlement plays in his love life, just like the his unrequited attitude to possess Anais explanations him to help you lash out

  • Idaho

Idaho try an effective potato hailing regarding the borders regarding Elmore. Life style a lives separated from neighborhood, Idaho are unacquainted with modern tools or even the latest trends, preferring a conservative lifetime. Idaho’s oblivion to everything in the newest pop music people community can make your one of the school’s pleased students as he is not motivated to remain in addition fashion and start to become “prominent.”

Being spoiled their whole life, Billy are thinking-entitled; their thinking-entitlement takes on call at his sex life, given that their unrequited ideas to have Anais reasons him in order to lash aside

  • Anton

Anton was a burnt little bit of toast and also the extremely accident-vulnerable beginner on the college. Many of his wounds result in their early dying, therefore their parents always do an abundance of clones to take the area of one’s former fallen piece of bread. Anton try perhaps certainly one of most dim-witted babies within his classification, never learning out-of their fatal injuries, and is very gullible on top of that.

Being bad their lifetime, Billy try care about-entitled; his care about-entitlement takes on out in his sex-life, because his unrequited thoughts having Anais grounds your to help you lash aside

  • William

William try a floating eyeball exactly who and has clairvoyant energies. Although he’s fundamentally peaceful and you may collected, as he becomes frustrated, he spends their efforts so you’re able to cause depletion up on anyone who has wronged him. On account of him being unable to talk, many pick him to get creepy and you will uncomfortable, so it is quite difficult getting your to get family. He also retains significant grudges, that will be completely quite happy with dropping any morals so you can appropriate payback, tormenting his classmates without guilt after all in lot of periods.

Having been bad his very existence, Billy try notice-entitled; his notice-entitlement plays in his sex-life, because their unrequited attitude to have Anais reasons your so you can lash away

  • Billy Parham

Billy Parham is a tot-aged eggs hailing regarding top-category. Comparable to Anais, Billy is highly practical for his many years, planning to Elmore Junior Highest which have teenage-old peers. He has also tall responses to help you games when he features never played you to ahead of his first encounter.

Having been bad his lifetime, Billy is care about-entitled; his mind-entitlement performs out in his sex-life, because his unrequited thinking having Anais causes him to help you lash aside

  • Hot dog Guy

Hot-dog Child try a hot dog already gonna Elmore Junior Highest. Hot-dog Child can be defined as very uncomfortable, not successful into the tense public things, especially of those associated with one to-on-you to telecommunications. Hot-dog Child is visible hanging out urban area, normally together with his phone in-hands.

Being rotten his very existence, Billy try thinking-entitled; their notice-entitlement takes on out in his love life, just like the his unrequited feelings to have Anais explanations your to lash away

  • Julius Oppenheimmer Jr.

Julius is actually a tough ne’er-do-really which requires pleasure inside intimidation someone else. Because of his misconduct, he’s got become the virtual kingpin away from detention. He’s together with incredibly short-tempered, resulting in their check out explode towards numerous circumstances.

Being spoiled his expereince of living, Billy was notice-entitled; their mind-entitlement plays in his sex-life, due to the fact their unrequited thinking to have Anais grounds him so you’re able to lash aside

  • Philip “Mowdown”

A pink teddy-bear that is among the many delinquents. As he resembles the fresh new Proper care Contains, he or she is actually slightly intense jak dziaЕ‚a feeld.

A spoiled cupcake who is among the many delinquents. She try misleading of the Gumball and you can Darwin to own a woman, it is females on the most other periods. She actually is Scythe’s partner.

An effective inked hand who’s among the many delinquents. He’s a skull example towards their hand having a facial.

Clare Cooper are a cynical classmate of Anais. She percieves every situation of an awful stance that’s unable to recognize exactly how bizarre the nation is approximately the girl. Whenever confronted with this lady life’s tragedies, she’d instead difficult it herself and take on the lady future than has other people meddle.

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